Principes de design durable

Marie La Fontaine Lacasse

Product Development – Designer

Climate change is a reality and it would be wrong to ignore its effects on our lives.

As creators of products, we take this very seriously because the decisions we make during the development of a medical device can have large impacts on the environment downstream. We commit to sustainable design because it is our responsibility and because it makes products better. Any product we make will inadvertently have its share of environmental impact but when possible and with the help of innovative materials and prototyping solutions, we can now create designs that are easy to manufacture and efficient on material consumption.

The following principles guide us in our approach to product design, with the objective of implementing sustainability whenever possible:

Follow eco-friendly practices throughout the product development process by optimizing the use of raw material and consumables, selecting low-emission shipping services and disposing safely of unusable wastes.

Design for energy-efficiency by selecting material transformation processes that require less energy and are ideally fed by renewable sources.

Reduce the amount of material by optimizing the product design without sacrificing performance and user experience. Encourage the use of recycled or plant-based materials and the implementation of reprocessing practices at manufacturing partners.

Develop useful and durable products by promoting modularity and reusability when the context of use allows it.

Establish an efficient supply chain by qualifying suppliers based on their commitment to eco-friendly transportation practices and near-market geographic location.

Aim for minimal packaging by prioritizing mono-material designs ideally originating from renewable resources and communicating clear material identification for proper disposal.

Minimize the product end-of-life impacts by controlling the volume and composition of waste materials and communicating clear guidelines for optimal product disposal.

Promote ethical awareness in every decision that may affect the product lifecycle by implementing strategies to minimize impacts on the environment and public health.

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